Tempo Detection switches Timebase

Hi. Just done a Tempo Detection followed by Set Definition From Tempo and all seems to be well. However, after the Tempo Detection all tracks were switched from Musical to Linear Timebase. I switched them all back and the Set Definition seems to have worked but should they have switched to Linear in the first place?

I guess it does this so the start locations of events don’t get messed up. This threw me for a loop when I first used it, and still catches me sometimes.

I guess it would be nicer if Cubase remembered the time domain states of the tracks and reinstated them after tempo detection completes.

Glad to hear it’s not just me! I’d argue it’s vital that Cubase remembers because if you don’t notice it totally screws up the Set Definition process.

Something else: in the audio rendering process, some audio gets lost behind other parts and sent to back. And the originals weren’t even on separate lanes, just separate events, all on Lane 1.