Tempo Detection via Tempo Detection Panel crashes Cubase 10.15 reliably

Nothing to add really, this happens in different projects. Running MacOS Mojave.


Could you add a *.crash file located in the macOS Console utility, please?

Also a sample file (wav?) where does it crash could help.

Hi Martin,

I will try to provide a crash file soon.
The error occurs when switching back to the “normal” mode, after tempo detection (tempo detection is done successfully).
This happens with all kinds of projects, so I’m not sure if providing a .wav file would help much.
Thanks for your reply.

Could be the same bug that people already discovered in 9.5. (and it is still there…) See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=128781&p=842920#p842920

Same for me too. Happened twice in a row under the same conditions.

After I have pressed the Analysis button, then select a different tool, it asks me if I want to exit the detection. I select “Continue” and Cubase 10 just crashes immediately. This is repeatable.

I have searched the Console app but I have been unable to find any Cubase 10 crash reports.


Duplicate topic seems to be here.