Tempo Detection Warp Audio

I have a track that was recorded live-no click. Tempo detection was able to create a Tempo track. Performance was quite close.

The question: I would like to replay the drums to the click track (set to fixed tempo) and still use the guitar scratch tracks. Is there a way to warp the audio of the scratch guitar to a fixed tempo?

What would be the procedure to do so?

Sorry for the noobish question. I am not new to Cubase, just never had the need to do this sort of thing.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

After you perform the Tempo Detection, the tracks should automatically go in to musical mode (the yellow note button on the track controls). After the tracks are in this mode, any change you perform to the tempo track / fixed tempo in the project would be reflected as an audio warp to the tracks.
For example, you can set the tempo to fixed and change it around.

Note that when doing this, you should select the most appropriate algorithm for your input data (under “Algorithm” in the info line or in the sample editor for the event).

Elastique Pro - Time or Pitch are supposed to be the best sounding.
Just note that there’s currently a huge issue regarding mixdown after using this algorithm, so if your mixdown sounds a bit out of beat, it might be this. So you might want to use one of the “standard” algorithms, however they add a bit of audio distortion.

Thank you for the quick response.

Here is my issue though: I was unable to select all of the tracks to get a Tempo Detection result. I exported the drums only (back into project) and was able to get the tempo track from it.

Now how do I get #1, the tempo track to a specific steady tempo?
#2, get the audio tracks (guitar only needed) to line up with the specific tempo (92bpm)?

Sorry if I sound stupid, but I suppose I am when it comes to audio warp and such. I normally just play drums to a click track. This was a rehearsal/writing/recording that we will be re-tracking all instruments. I have not even really learned the song yet. Just want the scratch guitars in time with the actual click. Don’t even care if the edits sound good. Just for reference only.

Thank you for any help here! I am just a drummer and maybe a mixing guy. This editing thing is not my best thing…

I am willing to pay for a step by step tutorial if it applies. $40?

It’s not trivial, but after you get it, it’s not that hard.

You only use one track for the tempo detection. That’s the track you’ll extract tempo info from.
When you perform this extraction, it will set the project tempo track accordingly.

Ah, right… I’ve forgotten one very important part. Select the drum part and use Audio -> Advanced -> Set definition from tempo. Select “project only”. This will imbue the found tempo into the track.
When you then change the tempo, this track will warp accordingly.

If the guitar part was synced with the drums, you can use the same “Set definition from tempo” on it, so it warps together with the tempo.

I’ve once had to made a proof-of-concept track for a medley of songs, each in a different tempo, and “Set definition from tempo” saved me here.

So here’s the deal:

If drums and guitar were synced (what I understand is the case):

  1. Extract tempo from drums.
  2. Set definition from tempo on the drums and guitars.
  3. Set the tempo to whatever you want.

If drums and guitar weren’t synched:

  1. Use tempo detection on the guitar part / audio warp according to fixed click, might be messy and a lot of manual work.
  2. Set definition from this tempo track.
  3. Just play your drums.