Tempo editing

I’m having trouble with the Tempo Editor. I can add a tempo adjustment with the pencil or Line tool:

But if I try to edit the points with the Selection tool, it goes grey and unselectable. What am I doing wrong?

The points only reappear when (any) notes are selected. Selecting the Tempo Signposts themselves doesn’t help.

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You’re not doing anything wrong; this is a bug, and one we need to sort out. The problem is that Dorico is getting itself confused about whether or not it needs to show the tempo editor when you actually select a point in the editor. You can actually still edit the tempos with the select tool, but you have to click in the right spot because the handles themselves don’t draw.


Glad I found this!!! was thinking i’d lost my marbles!!!


dpspreadbury: thanks for the transparency in your answer!!

I’d noticed something strange there too and thought it was just me doing something wrong again. Glad to see it’s something which is recognised and I’m sure will be fixed.