Tempo editor

hi, so i’m trying to alter the tempo on an audio file, i add a tempo track i open the tempo editor draw ramp markers to the adjusted tempo speed, play the track and i see the tempo indicator rising in numbers to the changed tempo but the actual audio is still playing at the tempo it was recorded at, ive watched videos and read lots of articles so i’m pretty sure i’m following the correct procedure but the track just doesnt seem to play at the adjusted tempo?
any advise please?
thank you

i’ll also add the tempo line is not blue it’s grey, and my markers are not red they are black, because in the vids i’ve watched they are blue and red??


Is your event on audio track set to musical mode?
Tempo set to track, not fixed?

yes both are set correctly?

If you add tempo track, check if its not bypassed. That could be why it’s grey.
Maybe check your file in pool if it has correct tempo listed.

hi, i think everything is correct, please see the attached pic

ok, i think i have it, the little blue x was not ticked in the pool lol
thank you so much

Glad you solved it. Was about to suggest to check that.

thx misohoza, but, the colours remain the same, grey white and black, so is this correct?

I think the colour follows the track colour.
If you change the track colour, the line and automation points should change as well.

lol, bang on, perfect. thank you again :slight_smile: