Tempo equation, quarter note triplet = quarter note

Ran into an odd one yesterday…a score I’m working on does a metric modulation where the quarter note triplet becomes the new quarter note. The original score had a quarter note with a 3 under it equal to a quarter note.

Any way to indicate a triplet in a tempo equation?

Incidentally, the math works out that a dotted quarter = quarter is the same thing as above. But I’m trying to be faithful to the source score, and it’s fascinating to figure out how to make these things happen in Dorico.

Use Metrico, a free and wonderful font…

I don’t have any experience with fonts in music applications. Is it as simple as installing the font normally and then just switching to it in the text popover?

Edit: answered my own question…yes, it’s that simple.

I’d still love a way to do this in Dorico normally so it stays Petaluma (I’m using the jazz font), but Metric is definitely fantastic.

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Sorry, I didn’t know that you were using Petaluma… I guess it’s an interesting project to replicate Metrico but with Petaluma instead of Academico :sweat_smile: until it’s native in Dorico…

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Sure works great though. Thanks for the tip!