Tempo Equations + Relative Tempo + Metronome Mark? Oh my

I have an interesting agglomeration of tempo markings here:

At first blush, Dorico considers each one of the 3 markings (equation, meno mosso and metronome mark) to cancel out all others - unless I’ve gone about it the wrong way.

I’ve now written the meno mosso as text in the property panel, which I think might be more appropriate contextually. It also allows me to input the metronome mark range.

However, I’m not clear on how to input the two different tempo equations and retain the metronome. Vaguely recall this was discussed before but would appreciate ideas (and opinions on these markings are very welcome!). Cheers!

Since we can’t have both a tempo equation and an absolute tempo marking at the same beat position (FR) … I think I might write the h=q marking in system text. I notice there are two of them, and they’re both redundant with the tempo marking, so if you have the editorial option I would omit the second one. If you have to include both, of course you’ll have to hide the second one in any parts that don’t have a system break there.

Then in the tempo popover I would write “Doppio (q=62-68)” letting Dorico parse just that, and add the rest of the text in Properties (which is maybe what you did).


Thanks, Mark. System-attached text was what I missed.


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