Tempo equations

Is there any way of putting non binary tempo equations , that is to say for example
quaver of a triolet = quaver
semi quaver of a quintuplet = semi quaver ?
I couldn’t find it.

Google “Metrico font.” It allows you to write very flexible equations using system text.

Thank you, but how do I “import” those texts in place of existing tempo equations in Dorico?

Just to clarify, the Metrico font can be found at GitHub - fkretlow/metrico: Font for metric equations in music notation.

Now, you don’t “import” these texts, you would just add system text (Shift-X), select Metrico as the font (which you should have installed previously, of course) and write the appropriate equation (e. g. “e.=q” for dotted quaver equals a crotchet).

Thank you. I’ll try !