Tempo extraction from existing audio files

I’m mostly using VST Live with a small 3 piece band. We use backing tracks which have been recorded developed over a number of years. A lot of the synchronisation features in VSTLive centre tempo (MTC, etc.) Would it be pssible to extract the tempo from a exsting audio file and use that to drive features of VSTLive. It might be just being mad requet and shelved as not possible yet and I’m sure there are more pressing fixes changes required.If we were starting again we would probably gt more ‘in tune’ with the spirit of VST Live.

All the best, great job by the way. It getting better and better …/Steve

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Hi @beaumos,

that’s an excellent request. But this feature is only available with “Cubase Pro” and “Nuendo”. Do you have one of those apps available? Then you could use the Tempo Detection for your audio file to create a Tempo Track and finally export a Media Project to import it to VST Live. I remember @ericwentz is doing this workflow.

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