Tempo font size in parts vs. score

I have a duo for woodwind and piano. The score that the piano player will play from has a small top staff for the woodwind, and I gather that to keep the system objects like tempos from also being small, I have to change the font styles for Immediate Tempo Text Font and Gradual Tempo Text Font to be absolute, not staff-relative. But then in the part for the woodwind (for which incidentally, I included a small piano staff), which is on a larger paper size(11X17), the tempos appear smaller because of this absolute setting, too small. What am I missing here, or what is the workaround?

Hi gnovah.
You can use select more (cmd-shift-A) to select all your tempo markings in the part. Make sure the properties are set to local, then use the custom scale (to 140% or what you need) to make them bigger in the part (but not in the score). Select more is really efficient to select quickly all those markings. But make sure you select first both absolute and gradual tempo markings.
Hope it helps !

Thanks MarcLarcher, that seems like it should work, and alerts me to the usefulness of “Select more”! When I scaled the woodwind tempos up %140 after doing I as described with absolute size, the “absolute” setting on the text font styles still seemed to override the font size, and only the metronome markings got bigger, which I had forgot to set to absolute. But then it worked to keep the font sizes relative and just scale up the tempo text on the piano score.
How do I ensure properties are set to local? I couldn’t find out how to do that. Thanks!

That properties’ property is available with 3.5 and latest. It on the top right corner of the properties panel (the bottom panel) you can open/close with cmd/ctrl-8

I see, thanks!