Tempo for Playback

I saw a demo of Doric in London last week and immediately bought it. What I did not get from the short presentation was how to set a tempo. I have opened a file from Finale using xml. The tempo is all wrong. How do I set an initial tempo for playback and then change it when I want to? I tried tempo in the search box but I got no responses.
I love the graphics I can see on the page. So clean looking. I can’t wait to print it out.
Is there just one font or do you have a choice such as a jazz font?


Thanks for buying so spontaneously :slight_smile:

For the tempo, you can add tempi at any stage in your work. Click in the stave the position where you want the tempo to be added, then on the right side of the screen is a little icon for tempo, fifth from the top. Click that and a list of tempi appears. Choose one and double click, it will get inserted at the selected position.

You can also change the playback tempo for tempo text already inserted. To do so, click on the tempo text and open the Properties Panel. You will then find lots of options for adjusting the display and playback of tempo text.