Tempo (Global) Track(s) in Drum Editor

I know the Drum Map, of Cubase/Nuendo uses .xml templates, to produce a unique editor specifically designed for editing of rhythm parts, however, will it be possible at any stage to include Global Tracks in this interface, since to my way of thinking it makes just as much (if not more) sense to have this as a facility, than in the Key Editor.


I’m sorry, it doesn’t make sense at all to me. You could have multiple Drum Maps per project. The Drum Map is like the Expression Map for the Drum, articulation.

Could you describe your use case, please?

The feature request makes more sense when using the proper terminology?

i.e. The drum maps are something very different than the drum editor.

p.s. However, I basically never use the Drum Editor anymore, because so many modern percussion instruments and other sound fx utilize note length information, where the Drum Editor is not very good.

So I generally use the Key Editor even for Percussion and FX parts, even if they have a drum map assigned.

And when a drum map has been assigned to such a track, the names of the mapped instruments do show up on the event in the Key Editor (if enough vertical zoom is applied):

It’s not perfect either, but another option.

It would probably be better if the drum map names were on the left next to the keyboard, rather than on each note event?

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@Nico5 , you are right, if you change the title from Drum Map to Drum Editor, the post starts to make sense. On the other hand, @compositor mentions the XML file, which points really to the Drum Map.

@compositor , could you please explain your use case, and what you want to achieve?

Hi Martin,

I would like to have at least the Tempo Track, available via the Drum Editor.



Do I understand you correctly, you ask for the Global Tracks in the Drum Editor, the same way, as it is in the Key Editor?

That is correct, at least with respect to the Tempo Track, however inclusion of other Global Tracks, would also be welcome.


Then I would recommend you to support other feature-request thread, which has been made in the forum already.