Tempo identification

Previously user of Sonar, I regret a specific feature very usuable to fastly adjust the tempo related to an audio files (In my opinion, better procedure that Cubase’ ones) … In Sonar, when we want to recognize a tempo of an audio track, we just have to manually decide where are meassures position on the time ruler a the top of editors windows or track windows…
I give the process … You import the song on an audio track… You right click on the time ruler to manualy place the start at the measure 1 … you ear the song couting the measures (in your mind !) and for example at the tenth one, you stop the play. You place the cursor at this fine time position and you right click again on the time ruler to write 10. This tiome position is now the beginning ot the measure 10… The tempo is automatically calculated and all the time measure line becomes relevant. It’s of course a good feature for static tempo parts… Cubase delivers the tempo calculator which seems about similar but “right click” is so cool !!!

Time warp the grid.