Tempo in Dorico Elements is not working?

I work on a Macbook Air and whenever I enter a tempo marking into Dorico 3.1 Elements, the tempo in playback is about half the speed I entered. Curiously enough, it also seems to slow down the actual MIDI Instrument used in playback as well, meaning all vibrato and textural details in a MIDI Instrument are also slowed down to half speed, creating a strange warped sound. How do I fix this?

Welcome to the forum, Ryan. Sorry to hear about your problems with tempo in Dorico Elements. It sounds like maybe you have a mismatch in the sample rate between what Dorico thinks it should be using and what your audio hardware is actually using. Could you try going to Edit > Device Setup, choosing a different sample rate, then waiting a moment before choosing the original sample rate again?

SImple Fix! Thank you so much!