tempo in track archive ?


i remember beeing able to export tempo track in EXPORT / SELECTED TRACKS and import it back to new session.
doesn’t work on nuendo8 or thing have changed ?
thx for help

File -> Export -> Tempo Track

Is this a nuendo-only feature or also available in Cubase?

Yes but why do 2 seperate export 2 seperate import where you can do only one ? I don’t see why a working fearture would be removed from nuendo 7.

Sorry shikisuen i don’t know about cubase.

It’s the same in Nuendo 7.

… no in nuendo 7 you can either export tempo track (alone) as you described, or have it inside a Track Archive (along with other tracks you selected including markers, video track , midi instrument, audio and plugs etc…

it’s good when you work on a movie and have your movie track, markers and reference track, you just have to update your track archive and bring all you need in your working sessions, including tempo.

i just tried to export track archive from one session and separately tempo track to import both to a new same session…
it doesn’t match ! this is really painfull !! nobody else is using that function ?
further tests :
export / import track archive = all types of tracks except tempo related to timecode
export / import tempo track = tempo only NOT RELATED TO TIMECODE ! :laughing: just start from begining of session.
exporte / import tracks for other session = no tempo track