Tempo indication suddenly appearing on additional lines - Dorico 4.0.20

Another bug appearing: suddenly Dorico doubles tempo indications on other lines, why?
see here in the solo-celli:
(deleting the following unison didn’t help)

and it has nothing to do with my settings

Here is the file:

Do you find that if you reopen the project, those additional tempo items no longer appear? They are not appearing for me after opening your project, for what it’s worth.

It doesnt appear in the testfile, as I deleted the unison, but in my original file, where I absolutely need the unison exactly where it’s written, it still appears.
I added the unisono again to my testfile, so you can see the problem.
Aparently has to do with the unisono…?

This is a known problem, I’m afraid, and one that is on our backlog to be fixed along with a number of other issues related to divisi.