Tempo indications inside rectangular boxes

I usually like to put my tempo indications and metronome marks inside a rectangular box to make them stand out. What’s the best strategy in order to do it with Dorico?

EDIT: just adding it as a request. It would be very nice to have this option for tempo indications as well as for playing techniques like it already exists for texts.

Hide the Dorico tempo and write it with ctrl-X! :wink: (I meant Shift-x :upside_down_face:)
I don’t have Dorico at hand and I can’t check if it’s possible to define a boxed character for tempos…

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I’d say shift-alt-x is the right answer. ctrl-x is some zoom control. Shift-alt-x is system text.


Oh yes Marc, sorry, I meant Shift-X…
Probably with the Alt it’s better…

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And here’s my weekly reminder that MusGlyphs is a good solution for text objects that include notes and stuff.


Well done, I didn’t know it yet. I love it and I’m gonna buy it definitely, very nice !!