Tempo information available for third-party plugins

Dear Dorico team,

thank you for developing such a great software and so quickly.

I’m using Dorico and I would like to ask for an improvement related to the playback set of features.

As far as I know, the playhead tempo information (bpm, playhead position) are not made available to VST plugins. For instance, the “pingpongdelay” VST effect by Steinberg is not respecting the tempo of the score, even if the “sync” option is ticked. Also, the midiMonitor plugin and custom made plugins are missing this information.
These plugins get the needed tempo information in other applications (not necessarily DAWs but also notation softwares) So I guess the “problem” is coming from Dorico.

I know Dorico is primarily meant for music notation. It also has very significantly extended its capabilities with respect to DAW-like features. And it would be great to use or develop dedicated VST plugins which could rely on the tempo information, for instance for tuning/tweaking/assisting the MIDI recording.

do you think this is something that could be implemented in a future version ?




Welcome to the forum. This is a known issue and is presumably on the roadmap for implementation in the future.

ok, good to know. Thanks Derrek