Tempo Input Using a Dotted Note Value

I searched for a solution, but couldn’t find anything definitive.
I’d like to be able to enter: “Brightly DottedHalfNote=60” as the tempo mark.
Doesn’t seem to be possible?
The work-around is simple enough q=180, but how do I add the Brightly to it?
Thanks for your patience with me as I make my way up the learning curve with this new to me tool.

If you use the Shift+T popover, you can simply type “Brightly h.=60”.


Worked like a charm. Thank you, Daniel!
I really did look through this forum for a solution as well as the help files at archive.steinberg.help before asking the question here.

You can also set the note value, with up to two dots, in the Properties panel, with any tempo object selected.