Tempo issue when importing audio in Cubase Artist 11

I’m having a weird issue with my Cubase Artist 11. Issue step by step:

  1. Started a new plain project with the tempo 126 bpm
  2. Imported an audio sample with the tempo 126 bpm from MediaBay
  3. Sample should be lasting 4 bars, but it isn’t (see the image attached)
  4. Tried to adjust the tempo so that the sample would hit the 4 bar length and the correct tempo would be 137.140 bpm.
  5. If I adjust the tempo to whatever and select Audio → Advanced → Stretch to project tempo, the sample is set to the same length as in the attached image.

The same issue occurs basically all the samples imported from MediaBay and the sample length is the same with all the smaples. If I use Loop Browser the samples are set with the project tempo.

I’ve tried to solve this but I just don’t have any idea what is affecting this. This might be user-related-issue, so there is a big chance I’m doing something wrong. Just don’t know what it is.

So if someone could help me, it would help me a lot!

Could it be a sample rate mismatch?

Yep, that was the problem. Now I feel a bit stupid, but what you gonna do :smiley:

For some reason sample rate was 48khz by default in my projects. Might be I have changed it or something. Anyway that fixed it. Cheers st10ss!