Tempo Issue

Hi. I recently upgraded to C6 from Cubase SE (2004!) In the “old days,” I would create a project, set a tempo and drag metronome-organized drum audio clips (Beta Monkey, ProSessions, etc) into the project and they would line up with the grid per the tempo. Now when I drag into C6, the program automatically time stretches everything. This is especially problematic when doing metal demos where I have standard tempo loops, doubletime, and blast beats. Someone please help. Please…Thanks!

Turn off “Musical mode”.

Thanks man!

PERFECTO! YOU ARE THE MAN. If you lived in Memphis, I’d buy you lunch. :smiley:

Turn of the musical mode and double click audio files and choice default algorithm standard as MIX or DRUM. Elestique has issues right now.

Glad i could help.