Tempo issue?

I created a song in Cubase. All audio tracks in this song have been rendered in place to have a tempo of 129 BPM. When exported to Live the audio files are 100% in sync with the internal Live metronome (at 129 BPM) as I would expect.

After creating the original export I added 3 midi tracks to the project in Cubase and exported these tracks to a midi file. I made sure the midi tracks start at the exact same position as all audio tracks ( In Cubase the midi tracks are in perfect sync with the audio tracks when playing this back on my rig (Roland Fantom). When I import the midi file in Live I am not able to get them in sync with the audio tracks playing back on the same rig with the same settings as used in Cubase (96 khz, 24 bit, 4096 samples).

Does anyone have a clue on what might be the cause?

Hi @LoveMyKeys,

can you please give me the MIDI file?


Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey - Easy lover.mid (3.5 KB)

3 parts on midichanel 3, 4 and 5 at 129 BPM

Added checks:

  • There is no tempo track in the Live song, so fixed at 129 BPM
  • The “(” in my original post should be “(1.1.1)”.

Visually it all matches exactly to the position where the notes should be. It looks like a latency correction problem.

This is channel 5 at bars 10 to 13.