Tempo issues on file import?

Here is something strange I encountered. When I import some wav files into a new session for mixing, the playback seem to be about 5-10 BPM slow, almost like you were slowing down the tape on a machine during playback. Not sure why that is. When I import the same files into to PT the play back at perfect speed. I tried increasing the tempo on the transport but that does not seem to help.

anyone else experience this issue before and may know what is causing it or how to fix it?

Thank you in advance

Check to make sure the sample rate of your file and session match.

Ok, thanks you for the tip. How do I check the sample rate of the file? I know the session is set at


Select the file in Finder and click cmd+I for “Get Info.” It will tell you samplerate and bit-rate.


Use FILE>IMPORT>AUDIO FILE and when you select the file, Cubase’s dialog window will display the info as well.

Ok, so I checked the audio files and they are


SO I went into the “PROJECT SETUP” and the project was set to


So i changed it to 48KHZ. I’ll see if that makes the difference. Would that case the issue?

Yes. This would’ve caused timing issues.

ok, great, well thank you for your help

Yes, the timing issues is fixed! The problem was that the audio files I was importing were 48Khz and my session was set to 44.1KHz. As soon as I changed the session to 48Khz the issue was gone!

Thanks for the help!