Tempo map from Dorico into daw possible?

Importing a marker and tempo track from a DAW into Dorico works great, but I cannot get it to work the other way around. Is there a way? I believe Allan Silvestri mentions that he does this, moving a project back and forth between Cubase and Dorico.

Did you try exporting Midi file? It should contain tempo information.

Yes, exported as midi and imported into Logic/Cubase. Nothing happens.

In most DAWS you have to switch on an option to import a tempo track. That makes sense, otherwise importing several different pieces of MIDI data which start at different places in the DAW arrangement could create tempo and time signature chaos.

Did you follow the steps I posted in the Facebook thread? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=75026

Specifically (in Cubase):

  • In Preferences, ensure ‘Ignore Master Track Events On Merge’ is unchecked
  • Import the MIDI file via File > Import, not by drag and drop (because that won’t replace the existing tempo data)
  • Ensure that the tempo track is activated, and that you’re not in Fixed Tempo mode.

I’ve just tried this in Cubase 10 and it works fine.