Tempo Map from Reaper


I want to create a tempo-map in Reaper, which I know how to do.

Then, I want to import that tempo map into Dorico, and notate a lead-sheet for the song, with the assurance that the Dorico audio output would be more or less a dead match with the recording.

I see Dorico allows cubase tempo maps importing. Does anyone use Reaper know if there’s a way to do this? I don’t have Cubase.

Also, is anyone using MODO BASS/Drum with Dorico? Do I need expression maps? I’d rather switch Modo Drum’s internal mapping to GM rather than make a custom mapping for Modo Drum, but I haven’t tried that yet, and these modeled instruments don’t handle keyswitching the same way, so I was wondering if MODO Bass is maybe not quite ready for Dorico?

Hi @EternallyDismal,
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So, since you know how to export tempo map fro Reaper to a midi file, then it should work just fine in
Here are the steps:

The video shows how it works with Cubase, but if Reaper exports the tempo map the same way, then the import should be the same, too. Isn’t it?

Regarding the MODO Bass and Drums, no matter that they are modeled instruments they both should follow the same conventions as the all other plugins.
KeySwitches (KS), Continuous Controls (CC), Program Changes (PC) and Velocity. For the drum kits there is an internationally accepted convention how the various drums, cymbals and other percussion which occasionally take part in the kit, have to be mapped on the Piano Keyboard. For example in every drum kit library C2 = kick drum and D2 = snare drum (C4=Middle C).
The Expression/Percussion Maps function in Dorico is enough powerful and able to control multiple parameters simultaneously, plus keep in mind that the app has some semi-AI functions that can automatically humanize the playback. Of course the Expression/Percussion Maps can be improved a lot more in order to be more flexible and easy to use, but this will come by the time. Currently it shouldn’t be a problem for you to create own custom E/P.Ms. sets if you would like to use Modo Bass and Drums in Dorico,
The easiest way to create own sets is to use an existing ones as a guiding example, and modifying it to fit your needs. :slight_smile:

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