Tempo map help


I have a situation where I recorded the intro for a song free without tempo, and then around bar 30 I set a click track for the song and everything was recorded to that click. Now I need to tempo map the intro so I can add other instruments & vocals. I’ve been watching videos from steinberg trying to figure out how best to approach this, but all the videos I’ve seen use full bands or drum tracks with grooves, and the solution there is Cubase’s automatic tempo detection. However with my song, the intro is done on acoustic guitar free form, and its not a “groove” but rather a slow, melodic intro with lots of space between notes, so automatic tempo detection doesn’t work.

I’d imagine there is a way of manually drawing in the tempo of this section using some form of manual beat placement, but cant find this without knowing the proper search terminology. Can someone guide me to the correct tool / solution? I’m pretty sure Cubase has a solution, I just dont know the proper search terminology, so looking up how to do this is frustrating.

Also, since the song does go into a steady tempo at bar 30 and does have other tempo changes later in the song, is there anything to look out for when processing the tempo for the intro? I was for sure going to lock all my tracks before starting, as well as create a duplicate tempo track so I can always go back to the original at least, but any further advice would be appreciated.


The time warp tool is what you’re looking for.