Tempo Map question

I posted this in the Nuendo forum and got no answers. At the moment I can’t test if the behavior is the same in Cubase 6.5, but I assume it is:

When I open a tempo map (Nuendo 5.5.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.8) there is a display at the top in which you can either type a number for the tempo or use the value clicker to it’s right. But no matter what I do, it only goes in whole number increments. Similarly, if I click on the tempo node and drag it up or down, it only goes in whole number increments. The only way I have found of inputting a fractional tempo (such as 78.772 BPM) is to click on the “get Info” button (second from top left on mine), and then type the value in the new value field that appears. Is this the intended behavior, or is there a preference somewhere to change this, or perhaps a key combination I’m not aware of?


Haven’t checked for a while but try holding down the shift key as you change.
Highlight the point you need to change and use the mouse scroll wheel or the UP/DOWN arrows on the computer keyboard.

I haven’t checked recently, but I had the same problem on a previous version of Cb. Different places allow different precisions to be entered. I would like to ask Steinberg to make this consistent. There’s no preference that I know to change the precision anywhere.