Tempo map questions (2)

I’m working on a synced project between Dorico and Nuendo that uses TXL plugin with Dorico as master. I exported a tempo map and got this to work in Nuendo. But what about repeated sections in Dorico.? Does the tempo map mark these and does the repeat get picked up in Cubase/Nuendo? I want to make sure the bar number layout matches up correctly between the two applications. If this does not work I would have to abandon any repeat directions in Dorico.

Also as the piece expands in Dorico I would need to re-export the tempo map from time to time into Nuendo and overwrite my tempo map in the Nuendo file there. Does this work OK? And does it leave any instrument tracks I have previously recorded in Nuendo unaffected? Or do I have to make a new file in Nuendo each time I change the tempo map export from Dorico and copy previously recorded Nuendo traacks over.

Many many thanks for any thoughts on this.

When you export a MIDI file from Dorico, it will have all of the repeats “unwound”, so you end up with all of the repeats included in the resulting MIDI file. In Dorico, you can make bar numbers display including repeats, which is probably what you’ll need to do in order to match up the bar numbers. (I think it’s more common in this kind of synced project, particularly for recording sessions, etc., to avoid using repeats altogether.)

I can’t answer with authority what Nuendo will do when you import a new tempo map, but my expectation would be that only the time signatures and tempos would be affected by importing an updated tempo map.

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