Tempo Mapping

Hi all, been using Cubase since SE but this is my first time posting in the forum.

I’ve got a question and, I’m sure there is a solution to this I’m just unsure of the best way to go about it. I have a song that I’m recording that has two different tempos within the same time signature. So the verse is at 4/4 168 bpm for example and the chorus is at 4/4 114 bpm. How would I go about setting a tempo map at 168 then doing a retard down for one bar to 114 and then an increase for one bar back to 168. I want to set a solid click track for the drummer instead of just letting him play and then using tempo detection afterwards to create a click.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ctrl+T to get the tempo track.
You will see a line at default tempo or the one you set in the Transport bar (there is always one marker at zero-zero).
Pressing Alt you should see a pen. Click on the line where you want the tempo set and a small marker square will appear.
Mark another at the tempo recovery point to take you back up to speed. Default behaviour should be a ramp rather than a step.
Activate the tempo track. Tempo should follow. You can drag the points around or be more exact by altering points on the info line.
If more involved tempo changes are needed look up “merge tempo from tapping” in the manual.

Awesome, thanks for the info.