Tempo mark before Rehearsal mark?

As I add quite long suffixes to the rehearsal marks I would like the tempo mark to come before the rehearsal mark. It doesn’t seem to be possible in the engraving options so I have to switch them manually. Or is there a better solution?

No, I’m afraid there’s no automatic solution for this. It’s a bit unusual, since if you move the rehearsal mark a long way to the right it may end up looking as if it is associated with the following barline, which I guess could be unhelpful.

Its the opposite for me as I only want quaver = 112 and then the rehearsal mark with a long text so as it is now its the tempo mark that ends up far to the right. No big deal, I can shift them myself

Are you using rehearsal marks with suffixes as a way to have e.g. “Chorus” “Verse 1” boxed text? If so, you could instead use system-attached text with a custom paragraph style that’s set to show a border by default instead, which would give you more flexibility about positioning that text item relative to the tempo mark.

Yes that’s of course a possibility, thank you Lillie. But I’m fond of the looks of the rehearsal marks and jump a lot between them using describing text, like “H - Long bass+horns+melody” so it works really well for me apart from changing the order between tempo mark and rehearsal mark.