Tempo mark collision

I’ve never seen this happen with a tempo marking (with text); but with metric modulation, collisions like this one keep happening. Is there a general engraving setting I’m missing?

Even using arrows doesn’t affect it at all…

What does it look like without the rehearsal letter?

It aligns with the barline when there’s no rehearsal letter, so there’s no collision that way.

Can you raise the rehearsal letter?

Yes, but all of that would be manually aligning things; I need something project wide because there are many cases like that and many single parts to move one by one; at least 30 minutes lost. Anyways, if it’s something they have to fix, I guess I have no choice for the moment. Thank you Derrek for your suggestions.

Unfortunately this is indeed a limitation with the collision avoidance of tempo equations with rehearsal marks. It’s on our backlog for future improvement.

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Understood. Thanks for the information, Daniel! And thank you Derrek for your interest in helping!

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