Tempo mark questions

I would like to keep the quarter note=100 mark, but not the Italian term. How can I turn off the Italian name?

Why and when do pink boxes appear in a score? For example, 4/4 (q, 1+1+1+1) in pink overlaying the tempo mark.

  1. You can hide the text by deactivating the checkbox for tempo mark text in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window (Tempo group). Here’s some information about those properties and tempo mark components.

  2. Pink boxes - these are signposts, and the red/pink ones represent hidden time signatures (or barlines, which carry an implicit time signature as part of them).

Signposts can be hidden from the View menu, but it’s often helpful to keep them visible. In situations like the one in your screenshot, where items overlap, try holding down the Shift and Alt/Opt key while clicking repeatedly and the selection will toggle between the overlapping items.

This is the most rapid-response forum I have ever seen, and very helpful. Do you guys ever sleep??

I do look for answers in the excellently written and organized user guide, but at 992 pages things are sometimes hard to find. You guys understand my search criteria better than the search function un the user guide.

Many thanks.

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Assuming you’re using Dorico 3.5, the latest version of the manual runs to 1600+ pages. See https://steinberg.help/dorico-manuals/dorico-pro/dorico-pro-3-5/ for latest versions.

I’m merely a user, and my sleep patterns are somewhat erratic. It’s gone 11am here in the U.K. though, so I should probably make coffee :wink:

I’ve made a note of how you phrased your question so I can look to add additional keywords to improve search terms. In general though, if you don’t want to see something, trying searching for “hiding” and the most general terms for notations that you can think of - so “tempo marks” covers all Italian terms, metronome marks, rits, ralls etc.

Hi, Lillie;

Is there a way to make the tempo mark “hide text” property a program default, that is automatically applied to every new project?


Not that I’m aware of. However, any tempo changes that you add in the Time track in Play mode are automatically hidden in the notation.

Thanks for the quick response, Lillie!

If one doesn’t want tempo text, one can just type in the MM equation directly and leave the tempo text blank. I frequently type something like q=108 into the tempo popover (especially when I am composing) and decide whether to add text later or not at all.