Tempo marker and asymmetrical meter changes.


So I have been working on something that has a chopped measure. I have the tempo track set up as 4/4, and my grid set to triplets, so anything compound is all happy dandy. Unfortunately, a problem occurs in that one of the measure is chopped, so it contains 11 eigth-notes instead of the standard 12. On what would be the twelfth subdivision, is the new measure. How would I get the tempo track to account for this chopped measure and slide the new measure line over? Adjusting the marker track to 11/8 or 11/16 does not adjust how I would expect it to.

Do I need to use a formula to convert the bpm into dotted quarters or something? I know that you can use [Dotted Quarter] x (3/2)= [Duple Quarter], but unfortunately I run into issues once I hit the chopped section.

How do you account in the marker tracks for these types of changes? Before when I have worked with asymmetrical meters and offset meters, I have just ignored the measures and composed straight through. However, this could cause an issue when handing the project file/stems to someone else.

Is there any reason to have the piece in 4/4 if you’re playing in triplets? I would set the time sig as 12/8 (or 3/8), with the “chopped” bar as 11/8 (or 2/8).