tempo marker with system break

when I’m entering a system break at the beginning of a new tempo marker, the tempo marker is always drawn at the end of the system and not at the beginning of the new system.
Of course I could move the tempo mark a 32th ahead and it would move to the next system.
I just wonder, if I miss sth here in Engraving Options or somewhere else and if there is a smoother solution?
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-28 um 13.08.42.png

Odd, that doesn’t happen for me - is the tempo mark definitely attached to the start of the new bar? If it is and is still being positioned like that, can you share that snippet of your project?

Can I send you the whole project in a PM - it takes too much time to make a snippet - sorry. I have some deadlines…

Sure, go ahead.

Can’t find your mail anymore...lillieharris@steinberg.com?

No, l (dot) harris (at) steinberg (dot) de

you’ve got post :slight_smile: