Tempo marking graphical

I have 6/8 going to 4/4, I want the beat to stay the same.

Is there a way to create graphically (dotted quarter note) = (quarter note)?

In the tempo popover, I am typing q.=q and nothing is getting displayed. Am I doing something wrong?


No, Dorico doesn’t have any support for metric modulations as yet. You could type this in using Shift+X text for the time being.

Thanks!!! I’ll do that.

In the mean time for playback purposes, is there a way to create a hidden tempo mark? As in I could use the text tool to create it, but hide (quarter note) = 90 somewhere nearby.


You can’t really hide tempo objects properly, but what you could do I guess is create a tempo mark consisting of a q = 90 metronome mark, then select it and switch off the ‘Metronome mark shown’ property, which will hide it altogether – but because tempo marks don’t currently show signposts when hidden, you won’t be able to re-select that item or indeed even know that it’s there until we get around to implementing signposts for tempo, which will certainly not be in the 1.0.10 update and might not be in the one after that. So do this at your own risk!