tempo marking vertical positions

HI there,

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere but I can’t find it - how can I set Dorico to show me tempo markings in various vertical positions in full score (for instance, above the strings)?


See the System Objects header on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

brilliant, thank you!
Would it be possible for you to entertain a request to make “Marker Stave” as one of the instrument families in this section? For those of us who use dedicated Marker Staves, having the tempo markings right there could be very valuable.

Thank you!

That’s an interesting idea, and I’ll certainly make a note of it.

What is a “marker stave”?
(picture please?)

See the Markers page in Layout Options. Or see here.

Okay, I wasn’t thinking of that as a staff and thought I’d missed something in my musical education.
Thank you.

Thank you!

Can I jump on this and request that we should be able to designate ANY staff to be able to display system objects? For instance, I have a piece which has choir and 4 solo voices, but because those “instruments” are all singers, I can only display system objects above the choir, but it would obviously be preferable to have those show above the solo group as well.

I’ll second that idea!