Tempo marking widening multi-bar rests

I have a rather long tempo + metronome marking over a multi-bar rest in a part, and this widens the MB rest disproportionally. How do I prevent this?

At the moment, you can’t. It’s come up before and can really be a pain in certain scenarios.

I’ve resorted to altering the layout entirely, changing the tempo indication (if I had the ability to), or adding it as system text.

The last option is probably your best. You can set a paragraph style that matches the font and weight, and assign it to a custom key command. For playback, add the tempo and hide it.

…and if you need a metronome mark at the end of the system text, use Florian Kretlow’s free Metrico font.

This problem (with the first multi-bar rest in a system becoming disproportionately wider when there is a tempo coinciding with its start) will be fixed in the next Dorico update.

Wonderful, thanks!

That’s great news, Daniel!