Tempo markings baseline? /Added: Adjusting Tempo markings globally

In 2019 I asked about something related to this here, but as I got a warning for reviving the old thread, here we go.

In the settings for vertical positioning of tempo markings, there is clearly an indicated base line in orange:

However, in real life the base line is lower:

As you see in the image, it runs along the lowest part of each Tempo Text.
For what I am working on right now, I have many places with Tempo Text+Staff Text underneath and I need a predictable distance between the two.

I will handle this manually, I could not find any setting to take care of it. Is it intended and ideal that the base line aligns with the lowest extender of the text? If so, the settings illustration should probably be changed to reflect that.

I’m speculating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. That’s how lyric leading works: it’s not calculated from baseline to baseline, but based on ascenders and descenders.

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It seems to be. And now I know the proper words also – not extenders. Thanks.

So here I am again, trying to adjust the position of the Tempo markings in the context described above.

With Set local properties “Globally”, the only instances of the Tempo marking affected by my edit in the score are the score and the top player. Other players are not affected.

Is there a way of actually having the vertical position edit function globally?


Not where System-attached items are concerned, as you may need different offsets in each layout.

A pity. In most cases this is certainly no problem, but on this special occasion it would have been neat.

Alternative solution with Staff text. Two lines with some font styling.

Just a note that the next update to MusGlyphs will include a Roman variant, so tempo marks with metronome markings will be very easy to achieve as text.