Tempo markings confusion

in dorico 3.5 I type t then q=88 and get a quarter note =88. in dorico 4 I do the same and get =88. where is the quarter note? what am I doing wrong? dorico is looking more and more like a midi sequencer. there is a lot of new detail but so far (it’s only a day old) I have little that I expect will be used other than the transform function. still miss features for sibelius as being able to hide staff lines. would go back to score but I copy is corrupt and I don’t think one can get it. I have been patient but my patience is getting low with dorico 4 and it’s direction. It seems to be aimed at making dorico a type of DAW on some level.

You have to restart your computer after installing 4.0…

There’s no need to use a single one of Dorico’s DAW-like features if you don’t need them. I usually don’t.

There’s no question that a lot of work has gone into Dorico 4 but notation certainly seems to have been low priority this time. I’m a bit shocked but maybe I’ll find more things of value in the days to come.

Thanks for this reminder Dan! I had experienced a crash, and realized that I hadn’t restarted my Mac.

This seems to be a crucial step, and I have a feeling a few folks, in their excitement, like me, may miss this.