Tempo Markings showing up as rectangle instead of quaver

Does anyone know why I have a rectangle showing up instead of a note for my tempo markings ? It used to appear as a note, and I don’t know what I did or how it happened that now all tempo markings have rectangles in place of the quaver now … any insights appreciated ! Thank you!

Hello, I think we’d have to see your score to answer specifically. Just checking that in the popover you are entering e=120 (e for a quaver with whatever BPM)?

My guess would be that you have accidentally changed the Metronome Music Text Font to a normal text font?

ahhh ! Janus, thank you !! that was it … ! yahooo :slight_smile:

thank you for replying ! it’s so encouraging when people reach out to help. all sorted out with metronome music text font :slight_smile: