Tempo marks and dynamics --- how to Re-Edit to get popover again?

Hi community,
(just learning Dorico…)

When i press RETURN within the Chord tool, i can easily re-edit the entered chord.

But how about re-editing tempo marks and dynamics…
I don’t see a way to to get the popover back with its text, once entered?

And how do i correct them most efficiently without deleting and entering them from scratch?

To edit it, select it and press Ctrl-8 to open the properties panel on the bottom. That gives you all the editing options for any given element.

If you do wish to simply re-enter, select it and open the popover. The new entry will replace the old.

When working with few staves, I find I have enough vertical real estate to leave the properties panel open. It shows different options depending on what element is selected.

Thanks for both of your replies, Dan!

In the future we do plan to implement the ability to edit any existing item, including dynamics and tempos, by hitting Return.