Tempo Marks and Text Ignored in Parts' Vertical Spacing

Dorico does a pretty good job of automatic vertical spacing of staves in parts, if the settings are set as one wants, but I find Dorico might be ignoring tempo indications and text belonging to a system at the top of a part, viz:

In the above, surely the top system should be pulled down automatically by Dorico, so that the tempo mark is below the top, horizontal blue line, and not in an area of the part that is unlikely to be printed by most printers, since it is too peripheral on the page.

Is there a way of getting Dorico to respect the existence and position of tempo markings and text above top staves in parts?

Dorico is designed to default to keeping the top staves aligned from page to page. Any changes are up to the person setting up the layout…

Thanks Derrek. Does this mean that currently this can only be done via manual intervention?

Yes, you have to make the adjustment yourself, either as a page override or by creating a custom page template to assign to that page. I tend towards the custom page template because, should something cause the pages to reflow and put the text on a different page, I can easily adjust later.

@dspreadbury … I’m sure there are very good technical reasons for this, but it is a cause of frustration for me and a curious limitation. Especially as so often a lot of system preamble occurs at the top of the page!

I don’t know if that can help, but this is what I have done to “finish” an operetta full score with text cues before some musical numbers :
I created a new flow heading for each number that needed cues, with the flowtitle token followed by the cues perfectly formatted, then a local change flow heading in the top right panel of Engrave mode at the right page. No overrides, no spaces discrepancies, and as the work was really well advanced and pages would no longer change, no additional problem to solve.


Interesting idea. Thanks.
More prosaically, I’m often trying to maximise staves/page and minimise top/bottom margins. If my 1st violin heads into the stratosphere they crash through page heading! It would be really helpful if Dorico could accommodate this. The same occurs at the bottom of the page… Cello/Bass dynamics can easily get muddled with page footers and copyright notices.

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My go-to thread on this issue was started in December, 2018.

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That’s what I do too.

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