Tempo marks in score and parts


I wonder if its possible showing f.i. acc. and rit. marks in score and hiding them in particular parts.
Just two cases where this feature would make sense.

  1. If you’ve a part with a very long passage of breaks the musicians do not really care about every single rit. → a tempo if they have 50 bars until they have a cue. The result now is a map of single bar breaks with rit.-> a tempo informations and a lack of overview.
  2. If you’ve a Cadenza with several rit. and acc. it’s just in the interest of the soloist not of the whole orchestra. In my special case I get a single bar with a fermate and 4 acc. rit. marks for the orchestra parts. That looks very funny but makes no sense :wink:


It’s not currently possible. I asked about this recently (specifically in regards to a player having a tacet al fine and not caring about all the tempo marks that break the multibar rests). Daniel said this was something they’d consider for the future.

Just curious but in the bars after 53 between the 12 multi and the 6 multi, the empty single bar does not have a 1 above it but 3 others others do.

If there’s a tempo on the first beat of the bar it’ll split a multirest but it won’t prevent the single bar from being treated as multirest. If there’s a tempo midway through a bar, it breaks the multirest and the bar is no longer considered to be a multirest.

I can’t help thinking that the middle line in the topmost picture looks pretty much like default Finale output from 1991… has lining things up and spacing things properly gone completely out of fashion?

Are you not missing the point? The OP doesn’t want to show these markings, so why would they have bothered to sort the spacing out?

Thanks for the information. So I’ve to find a workaround. Sigh.

To be on the safe side: what I posted is what I get from Dorico per default. I didn’t edit it this way :wink:

I found the “reason”, why. It’s because the poco rit. starts at the 4 of the bar. If I let start the poco rit. at 1, the 1 above the break is shown. At every other position the 1 is missing like in the screenshot… Well… Feature or bug? (Just read the answer of pianolo concering this problem now, sorry for repeating your answer in other words, but is this this usual or a bug?)

Not a bug. That’s the expected behavior: if tempo text or system text is placed at the downbeat, it doesn’t break the multirest. Otherwise, it does.

That was exactly my point…

Ok, sorry - wasn’t sure if you mean me or dorico. As I said: to be on the safe side :wink:

Any news about this?

No, no change.

Not bumping two years later, I just didn’t want to start another thread about the same.

Has this been addressed somehow in 4.0.31? I’m trying to selectively hide tempo markings for those multi-rests in parts (with local properties set to “locally”) but it still affects the score too…

Same with rehearsal marks (I don’t want to raise that subject here since I just posted a question about that).

Any news?