Tempo marks not working

In some flows, tempo marks won’t work. Popovers don’t appear after I type them in. I can select a tempo marks from the side panel and adjust it, but they don’t actually affect the tempo.

Even adjusting the Tempo in Play mode doesn’t change the playback speed.

I presume it’s because I’ve got a time-less bar at the very start? Although it seems to have started recently, and is only affecting some flows, but not others, so I might have done something else.

Any solution?

There aren’t any known issues in this area. Can you attach a sample score that reproduces the problem? It should still be fine with open time signatures.

Hi, benwiggy.

In addition to what Paul said, I just want to express that the screen shot you attached doesn’t help me too much. Neither do I see anything that looks like a tempo mark, nor can we see any properties of the tempo mark.

There can be problems with tempos not appearing temporarily when the top staff in the system changes, due to hiding of empty staves, which is a bug that is on our backlog to fix (it’s quite a gnarly one). Normally, the tempo would reappear if you switch to a different layout and back again, or at worst if you reopen the project.

But it would be helpful to see the project in question so that we can figure out what’s up. If you can’t attach it here, you can email it to me.

Because I can’t make tempo marks! :laughing:

I’ve hopefully emailed Paul the document, so I’ll wait to see.

There’s no hidden staves, and I’ve re-opened a number of times.

I have had a look at the score and I can create tempo marks in the problematic flows you mentioned. They appear and play back as expected for me. I’m afraid I have no idea why they are not showing up for you in the 2.0 release, but it does seem that everything is better behaved in the forthcoming update. One other thing you could try: switch to a part layout and create the tempo mark there.

Thanks Paul. Switching Layouts and back does seem to have fixed it.

I await the forthcoming update…!

That’s great to hear!