Tempo marks order


I prefer to have my tempo marks with the metronome mark first, followed by the descriptor (ie instead of “Adagio q=60,” rather “q=60 Adagio” Is there a way to make this happen in Dorico? I have yet to find it and don’t see anything here on the forum.



Welcome to the forum!
I don’t think that this option exist (it would be globally in Engraving options and locally in the properties panel). You can put the caret at the beginning of the bar, input the metronome marking, advance the caret and input the tempo marking… That’s the workaround I’d use.

Thanks for your feedback, DSL. This has been requested a couple of times and it’s on our backlog, but it’s not something you can do at the moment. It’s something we plan to add at some point in the future.

Hi Daniel–I don’t see that this function has been added. Is there a plan for this to happen anytime soon in Engraving options or the like? Marc has a nice solution above but it would be nice to be built-in.

I don’t have any more of an update for you, I’m afraid. It’s on the backlog, but I can’t say when it might be done.

OK well thank you for taking the time, in any case!