tempo matching to 6/8

Hi guys.

I’ve been trying to tap out a tempo using my midi keyboard to match it to some unquantized audio.

This works fine with 4/4 timing but my audio is in 6/8.

When it comes to setting the beats that were used to tap the midi tempo I only have the option of “1 bar, 2 bars, 1/4 note, 1/8 note”. It doesn’t seem to take into account that the tempo should have 6 eighth notes.

Any help?

I’ve just tried experimenting with this, and I agree, we certainly need an option for dotted quarter-notes (which is probably the way you’d be wanting to do the tapping).
However, it works fine if you tap all the 8th-notes, set all tracks (including your new “tapping” track) to Linear Timebase, use “8th-notes” as your base when doing “Merge Tempo from Tapping”, and then change your time signature to 6/8.

Ok, thanks. I’ll give this a go and post the results.

Hi Vic,

Got to this page. I have cubase 10, If I have 6/8 music should I tap to dotted quarter notes or quarter notes, in beat detector?

I have Cubase 10.5, trying to build a tempo map from an audio file in 6/8, and it looks as if this has not been solved yet… Any help ? I have my beats ok, but they’re not recognized as dotted quarters, so I’m afraid exporting it to Dorico won’t give me the results I’m looking for…