Tempo Mess

I’m not sure what’s happening here. You can see the tempo indications for the audio clips are all over the place. At one point, I did have a tempo track with a gradual decrease and increase.

I’ve been trying to use "set definition from tempo” in order to slow down the audio so that I can play complicated midi part with it. It wasn’t working quite right, I think. For example it was switching some but not all audio events to “Musical Mode.”

I believe I am in over my head.
I would appreciate any insight into what is going on here.
It would be nice if I could reset all the tempos to 145, without affecting the actual speed of the clips. But actually, all I really need is for the audio to follow tempo settings.

Thank you

This explains the basic concepts.

This shows how to use them, including how Set Definition From Tempo works

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Watching Dom’s video, I realize that I was selecting the audio files incorrectly. I was trying to use the range selection tool instead of object selection. I’m still a little unclear on when to use which one.
When I did it the way he did, by drawing a big box around the files I wanted to select, it worked.
Sometimes it’s the little things…

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