Tempo/Meter Inspector Issue

Having a large issue with 8.0.10 with the Tempo/Meter tracks. If I click on the tempo and meter map and go to the entries in the inspector list on the left, I cannot delete any entries with the delete key or backspace key. Works completely fine in 7.5. Thus, if I want to delete any meter or tempo entries - which I do pretty much constantly - I have to go to the timeline, select them there and hit delete. Extremely time consuming if you have a lot of tempo/meter changes.

Trying to figure out if that’s the case with anyone else and also how Steinberg could actually break keyboard input into the inspector. That’s a pretty good one. Deleted all prefs in case it was a problem migrating from 7.5 to 8 but same issue. Delete or backspace is not working for me at all in the inspector list for tempo/meter tracks.

Anyone else?

Thankfully it works in 8.0.20, it would be nice if the selected tempo change also highlighted in the tempo inspector as well as a follow playback so you could quickly see which tempo you are on without constently having to look at the numbers and position, that would help me out.

I had the same issue in 8.0.1 and now finally have a break to upgrade. I went straight to 8.0.3 and the issue seems to be broken still. I never installed 8.0.2… is it okay to skip versions like that?

I really want this feature! so time consuming to click on every dot to delete them.

Does anyone have a fix? Or confirm if it broke again in 8.0.3?

Many thanks!