Tempo modulation indication

I just discovered that this powerful program lacks the ability to generate tempo modulations involving tuples. All my music uses these type of tempo changes; I know that I can enter the new tempo, but how do I create at least the graphic to include for the player? In Finale I just draw them in the designer tool and then include a tempo function to it.
I know that this addition is scheduled for a future upgrade, and maybe this is not an apparent priority, but if Dorico wants to serve contemporary concert composers this is definitely a priority. Is there an approximate date for this upgrade? I have a deadline commission and I just purchased Dorico and spent about 20 hours learning to use it and designing templates; I really like the program, this is the first time I was convinced to change after 30 years in Finale. (for example, a quarter note triplet= q)

In the mean time perhaps just use text and a font like MusGlyphs or Metrico?


Thank you for your help. Could you please tell me a little about how to do it? In what tool?


Emil, you are a brave man!
You might consider using your prior application to finish the “deadline project” - and then start your new and wonderful Dorico journey :slight_smile:


I have to agree. Ideally the following advice does not apply here, but just in case: if you run into serious problems, you should consider rather sooner than later if help from a professional engraver is needed.

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Thank you for the advice. I just decided to create an image outside Dorico of it and pase it on my Dorico score as an image frame. Under it, there is the Dorico tempo change covered by the image. Too much time invested for the project. For now, it will do. It will probably give me lots of problems when making parts… I hope that this feature is added soon.
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That equation looks ugly, sorry. Did you use MusGlyphs? It’ll look much better.

The font is free. And you just type it in. This would be q=q=84. Much faster, too, and no problem with parts.

I tried to type it, but I don’t know how to access that font. Also the first quarter needs to have a “3” on top. I tried that advice on the “Playing Techniques”, were one can enter new text. That was all that I was able to do, and in that tool, I can’t access such font. Could you please explain how to do it, My first attempt it’s not great looking. The modulation is: the quarter note triplet value from the previous tempo is the new quarter note that = 84".
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You need to get the font and install it. Google “MusGlyphs” and you’ll find it on Notation Central. It comes with documentation to explain how to use it. It’s designed to do exactly what you’re asking.


I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

Works perfectly! Here is a look
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Super easy. Thank you for the font! It links to the tempo mark without any manipulation; I wrote 3q= and the rest is the new tempo mark from Dorico.

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Glad you find it helpful. Sorry to be picky, but the two markings don’t really match. If i were you, I would create a true tempo mark and hide it, and then make the whole visible bit MusGlyphs.

For the tempo numerals, you’d want to use @8@4 for smaller numerals.


Even better, thank you!