Tempo notation panel question

How do I change this crotchet (quarter-note) in the tempo indication above the stave to a minum (half-note)?

The tempo notations panel will only allow a crotchet (quarter-note)-based number.

Surely there must be a way to change this? In the properties panel there’s something called a ‘Beat unit’ but this is greyed out, otherwise there’s no way to change it.
how do I change this crotchet to a minim.jpg

Press T to get the tempo popover box, then type h=60

w = whole note, h = half note, q = quarter note, e = eighth note (as in some other notation programs).

You can type things like q.=60 for compound time signatures.

I agree the “beat unit” in the properties panel doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

Thank you Rob that has sorted it!

I have been pressing T till I’m blue in the face, but no “tempo popover box” appears. In Write Mode, T adds a tie!.

Please expand; I have tried T in every possible mode without any success.

The shortcut to show the tempo popover is Shift-T.

Is there also a sixteenth note and less for very slow tempi?

Yes, you can type the metronome mark into the popover and specify the note duration as you do so, e.g. q = 76 would be “quarter = 76”, e = 120 would be “eighth = 120”, and so on. You can also use the numbers on the keyboard that correspond to the durations, e.g. 6 = quarter, 5 = eighth, 4 = 16th, so for example 4 = 120 would produce “16th = 120”.

Thank You, Daniel, that´s fine!


But am I right in thinking that you can’t use this for indicating metric modulations (e.g. semibreve = dotted semibreve)? Or have I missed something (it wouldn’t be for the first time)?

Michael Aves

You’re quite right, Michael. Dorico doesn’t yet handle metric modulations.

My, that’s quick! Thank you, Daniel.